How This Company is Saving Businesses Thousands by Outsourcing to Eastern Europe

Finding talented, affordable employees is a constant struggle for many businesses today. But what if you could tap into a global talent pool and hire pre-vetted, English-speaking remote workers at a fraction of the cost?
That's exactly what Zabota enables companies to do.
This innovative staffing firm goes above and beyond traditional recruiting by leveraging technology and on-the-ground insights to source top talent from Eastern Europe. After an intensive 8-step vetting process, they match businesses with workers who perfectly fit their needs and culture.
Zabota's clients have saved hundreds of thousands in salary costs while gaining access to driven, qualified team members. For instance, Sales Momentum saved over $45,000 on an executive assistant, while Stonerock Business Solutions achieved a 250% revenue increase after hiring a team.
And it's not just cost savings. Business founders have also won back up to 15 hours per week to focus on higher-level priorities.
How does Zabota deliver such tremendous value? A few key factors:
- Rigorous talent screening from a pool of hundreds of applicants
- Innovative use of AI and custom skills testing
- Local presence in Europe for authentic cultural insight
- Hassle-free onboarding and guaranteed replacements
Zabota can staff everything from executive assistants and inbox managers to SDRs, video editors, and more. And you can conveniently pay by credit card instead of dealing with payroll.
If you're looking to scale your business without expanding overhead, this company's Eastern European talent solutions could be a game changer.