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Aaron Platt - Sales Momentum Saved $45,000

Ops Kings Removed A Co-Founder From Day to Day Fulfillment

How Amanda Grew Her Business From $100k to $350k+ with Remote Talent

How Matt Lucero Saved 15 Hours a Week
With A Strategic Hire

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Toni Debelic
Co-Founder - Ops Kings
“This hire we hired wasn't cheap...but the level of the person that we would get would be significantly lower without Zabota."
Amanda Stonerock
“Now, I don't have to worry about all those monotonous tasks. My PM is highly capable of performing the tasks... I love her. She's amazing.“
Ryan H.
Co-Founder - Ops Kings
“Don't think about the cost of the hire, think about the amount of money you can make just because you're not in the day-to-day anymore."
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Ayman Arab
Founder of TikScale
“If you want to get to the next level you need an employee & working with Zabota is probably the most streamlined hiring process I've ever seen"
Matt Lucero
Founder of Anevo Marketing
“Placed someone from overseas into my business and she saves me 3 hours per DAY”
Karl R
Operator of Health Care Company
“I can't thank-you enough. I've tried to hire this position so many times. I haven't been able to hire at this quality for $35 an hour”
Level Up Youtube
“Benjamin Morone is the absolute best at what he does and every business owner on here need to know about him...”

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Why choose us

Intensive Search

Our headhunting team filters through hundreds of applicants and has a rigorous 8 step process including an AI vetting step to ensure the perfect fit is found.

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US Roots, Local Insight

Our founder lives in the heart of where we source our talent, granting us a genuine understanding of local work ethics and values.

This direct immersion gives us an edge in ensuring you get the absolute best talent Europe has to offer.

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Track Record

We've saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients, all while increasing generational wealth for talented individuals across the globe.

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Your new talent will cost a fraction of an employee's salary without sacrificing on quality

We'll do a deep dive into understanding your business and your needs, then pair you up with candidates that perfectly fit your business and culture.

We have talented, English-speaking candidates from European & LATAM countries  ready to help you with your business needs.

What if I don’t like my new hire?

If a situation like this happens, which it rarely does, we’ll place a replacement completely for FREE if within 90 days of their start date.
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Worried about compliance & onboarding?  

The backend payroll and compliance infrastructure is handled by our VC backed partner company:

- Effortlessly gather all necessary local tax agreements through an automated system.

- Minimize the risk of misclassification with contracts that comply with local regulations, accompanied by expert advice on regional legal requirements

- Streamline your administrative tasks by automating processes for invoicing, expense management, & time-off requests.

- Simplify payroll by making a single payment using over 10 versatile payment methods, available in 150 different currencies.

We Handle Everything

We know just how overwhelming running a business can be.
That's why after you tell us what you need, we take care of the entire process


We'll set up an initial consultation to understand more about your business and hiring goals.


With your company's values and culture in mind, we’ll launch an omni-platform search on numerous international recruitment channels for candidates who match your specific talent requirements. Your job will be receiving thousands of views from potential candidates.


We meticulously screen hundreds of candidates for your position. Leveraging innovative recruitment strategies, candidates go through a comprehensive evaluation process, incorporating custom testing to accurately gauge their competencies.


We engage in thorough interviews with the most promising candidates, and deliver you a complimentary detailed analysis of their abilities.

AI Vetting

We utilize a state of the art artificial intelligence solution to verify candidate technical and soft skills. Only after candidates have passed this test can they move on to meeting with your team.

Client Interviews

You are able to do additional interviews with the talent to ensure the perfect fit is made for your company

Offer Communication

As we conclude the selection process, we will assist in extending the offer and liaise with the candidate to ensure they accept the position.


While the candidate preps for their first day, we will enable you to have the proper resources to successfully integrate with your new talent.


If you hire someone and they need to be replaced within 90 days of their start date we will replace them for free.

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Case Studies

saving money for Sales Momentum

How Sales Momentum Saved Over $45,000 with a Remote Executive Assistant

Meet our client, Aaron Platt, the founder of Sales Momentum, a HubSpot implementation/sales team consulting firm. With a history of successfully...
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Achieving a 250% revenue increase

How Zabota Helped Stonerock Business Solutions Achieve a 250% Revenue Increase While Saving over $73,000

Meet Amanda, the founder and CEO of Stonerock Business Solutions, a successful grant writing company...
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anevo marketing saved over $40 000

How Anevo Marketing Saved Over $40,000 and Streamlined Operations

Meet Matthew Lucero, the driven founder of Anevo Marketing, a leading lead generation company with an impressive track record of delivering impactful results...
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LIFT Media saved over $40 000

How LIFT Media Saved Over $40,000 When Hiring

Meet Alex Welch, the founder of LIFT Media, a prominent lead generation company known for delivering exceptional results for its clients. Despite a track record of generating...
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