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Meet our client, Aaron Platt, the founder of Sales Momentum, a HubSpot implementation/sales team consulting firm. With a history of successfully serving hundreds of clients and generating over $60 million for them, Aaron faced a daunting challenge when it came to his day to day operations.

The Challenge:

Despite his remarkable track record, Aaron found himself unable to focus on higher-leverage tasks due to the overwhelming demands of day-to-day management. Initially he was hesitant about utilizing remote talent having had poor experiences in the past.

The Solution:

Zabota came to Aaron's aid with a strategic plan:

Zabota provided Aaron with a comprehensive understanding of the potential of premium global talent, dispelling his reservations.

After in-depth interviews, we identified areas where delegation could bring the most immediate impact to his business. Next Zabota documented existing processes with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) format, which has been utilized across Sales Momentum over 150 times.

Zabota then presented several highly qualified candidates for Aaron to choose from. One outstanding candidate from Ukraine was selected as the final choice.

Upon the request of Aaron, Zabota constructed a welcome and new hire guide that benefits all future recruits at Sales Momentum.


The collaboration between Aaron Platt and Zabota led to some impressive outcomes:

Perspective Shift: Aaron's initial reluctance towards remote talent transformed into an enthusiastic acceptance of its value.

SOP Structure: The newly implemented SOP structure enhanced operational efficiency and consistency throughout the whole Sales Momentum organization.

High-Quality Hire: Sales Momentum welcomed a wonderfully talented team member, enabling Aaron to focus on high-level founder activities.

Cost Savings: By choosing European talent over local hires, Sales Momentum saved over $45,000.

When asked about Zabota and it’s founder Benjamin Morone Aaron had the following to say: 

"He (Benjamin) is a vast resource who was able to give us structure and documentation in addition to staffing high-quality talent. I can't thank you enough. If you're on the fence, you're gonna get a lot from Ben & Zabota. You should 100% move forward if you're thinking about it.


The transformation of Sales Momentum under Zabota's guidance is just one of many examples of the immense potential of global talent and structured processes. If you want to regain control of your business, book a quick discovery call.