Vrobel Digital Saved Over $80,000


Meet Aidan, the dedicated owner of Vrobel Digital (Outspark.io) . Aidan faced a significant challenge that was hampering productivity and growth within the company.

The Challenge:

Aidan was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, bogged down by repetitive inbox management and administrative tasks. It was clear that a change was needed.

The Solution:

Rapid Talent Acquisition: In less than two weeks, Zabota identified, interviewed, vetted, and placed two highly skilled inbound sales representatives who were poised to make a significant impact on the agency's operations.


The partnership between Aidan and Zabota yielded remarkable results:

Enhanced Efficiency: Aidan could now complete tasks more quickly, without the need for constant micromanagement.

Substantial Cost Savings: By choosing global talent for inbound sales roles over hiring locally, Aidan saved over $80,000.


Aidan shared his positive experience, saying, "I didn't have any employees, and now I have removed myself from many tasks."

He also praised Zabota's talent acquisition, saying, "Ben was able to get me very highly qualified candidates with years of experience in the same role I needed help with, which helped me focus on bigger tasks and I didn't have to babysit them to do their job successfully."

He concluded by highlighting the time and cost savings, saying, "Ben will save you hours and tons of money in the entire recruitment process and get you the best quality."


Zabota's intervention not only improved the agency's efficiency but also led to substantial cost savings. If you're facing similar challenges and aspire to achieve comparable results, don't hesitate. Book a call with us today and embark on your journey to success, just like Aidan did.