LIFT Media Saved Over $40,000 When Hiring By Hiring From Poland


Meet Alex Welch, the founder of LIFT Media, a prominent lead generation company known for delivering exceptional results for its clients. Despite a track record of generating high amounts of revenue, Alex faced a significant challenge.

The Challenge:

Alex was determined to expand his team but found himself in a difficult position. While actively searching for candidates on his own, he was unsure where to find the right talent and how to efficiently train them.

The Solution:

Rapid Procedure Documentation: In less than two weeks, Zabota documented LIFT Media's existing procedures, providing structure and the clarity needed for a new hire to succeed.

Talent Acquisition: Zabota expedited the process by swiftly sourcing and hiring a competent European salesperson, relieving Alex of the hiring burden.


Streamlined Processes: Existing processes were comprehensively documented, enhancing efficiency and organization within LIFT Media for the new hire and for overall benefit of LIFT Media.High-Quality Hire: LIFT Media welcomed an exceptionally talented remote team member, enabling Alex to concentrate on expanding his company.

Cost Savings: By opting for global talent over local hires, LIFT Media saved over $40,000.

Testimonials: Expressing his satisfaction and gratitude, Alex Welch had the following to say:

"It's amazing. She (his new hire) is moving up in our organization and we've added 4 clients in the first month since she has been onboarded."

"He (Benjamin) came in and absolutely changed my business. I could not recommend him enough."


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