Stonerock Business Solutions Achieve a 250% Revenue Increase While Saving over $73,000


Meet Amanda, the founder and CEO of Stonerock Business Solutions, a successful grant writing company. While Amanda's business was booming with new clients, she found herself grappling with the overwhelming task of managing every aspect of fulfillment and operations.

The Challenge:

Amanda was confronted with the challenge of juggling a growing client base while trying to handle the complexity of fulfillment and operations all on her own.

The Solution:

Zabota stepped in with a tailored solution:

Identifying Key Roles: Zabota collaborated with Amanda to determine the specific roles that needed to be filled within her organization to alleviate the operational burden.

Process Streamlining: Together, we streamlined existing processes to optimize efficiency and reduce the time and effort required for fulfillment.

Talent Acquisition: Zabota helped Amanda hire a research assistant and a project manager. This dynamic duo took on essential tasks, freeing Amanda from the day-to-day operational grind.


Revenue Growth: Stonerock Business Solutions experienced an extraordinary 250% increase in revenue during the period of collaboration with Zabota.

Significant Cost Savings: With the strategic hires of a research assistant and project manager from the global talent pool, Stonerock Business Solutions saved over $73,000 compared to hiring locally.

Social Media Success: The company's social media engagement surged, boasting a remarkable 400% increase in engagement.

When asked about working with Zabota Amanda remarked, "I am able to take vacations now since I have people who can work on projects."

"The knowledge of the team has been amazing at using the current systems and continually improving processes."

She also added, "I am able to take vacations now since I have people who can work on projects. I could not be where I am today without Zabota's services."


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