How Duckweed Media Saved Over $22,000


Meet Joe Dejene, the determined owner of Duckweed Media, a paid traffic consulting agency. Joe faced a challenge when trying to scale his agency.

The Challenge:

Joe found himself overwhelmed with the responsibility of generating more appointments for his business. Balancing these tasks along with fulfillment and operations was proving to be a daunting challenge.

The Solution:

Role Identification: Together with Joe, we identified the specific role that needed to be filled to streamline sales processes.

Process Streamlining: Zabota worked on optimizing and streamlining existing processes to enhance efficiency.

Talent Acquisition: We swiftly hired a skilled sales representative who could take over sales responsibilities and ease the workload on Joe.


Sales Appointment Surge: Duckweed Media experienced a remarkable increase in sales appointments right after hiring a sales representative through Zabota.

Cost Savings: By opting for global talent for the sales representative role over hiring locally, Duckweed Media saved over $22,000.


Joe Dejene shared his experience, saying, "I talked with other staffing agencies, and they left me in the dark, but when I talked with Ben, he laid out clear steps. Within 24-48 hours, he documented our entire process. The quality of the sales rep has really impressed me."

He concluded, "If you are looking for a sales rep, I do not recommend you go anywhere else. Ben is your guy."


Zabota's intervention not only boosted Duckweed Media's sales appointments but also led to substantial cost savings. If you're facing similar challenges and aspire to achieve results, book a call with us today and embark on your journey to success, just like Joe did.