How Canvas Creek Team Building and Saved Over $20,000


Meet Karen, the owner of Canvas Creek Team Building based in Montana.

The Challenge:

Karen found herself overwhelmed with social media management and small administrative tasks. Her need for a part time assistant was obvious.

The Solution:

Talent Acquisition: In less than two weeks, Zabota identified, interviewed, vetted, and placed a highly capable social media assistant within Karen's team.


Increased Content Output: Karen's capacity to post quality content significantly improved. With a team member efficiently managing social media tasks, Karen was able to focus on servicing her clients more effectively.

Cost Savings: By choosing global talent for social media assistance over hiring locally in Montana, Karen saved over $20,000.


Karen praised Zabota's efficiency, saying, "Within a matter of hours, Ben had resumes for me. Zabota is interested in increasing generational wealth for their global team members. Ben, I am so appreciative for what you've done for me and my company."


Zabota's intervention not only led to substantial cost savings, but to an increased capacity for high leverage activities. If you would like to hire premium european talent for your business without breaking the bank, book a call with us today.