How A Montana Business Owner Saved Over $18,000


Meet Kaycee, a serial entrepreneur based in Montana, who manages both an early childhood development company and a plumbing service. Kaycee encountered a significant challenge that was affecting her businesses' online presence and graphic design tasks.

The Challenge:

Kaycee lacked a strong social media presence and didn't have enough time to handle graphic design tasks. This gap was hindering her ability to effectively brand her businesses and reap the benefits of a strong brand.

The Solution:

Graphic Designer Recruitment: Zabota located a talented graphic designer to create compelling social media posts and enhance the branding of Kaycee's businesses.


Cost Savings: By choosing global talent for graphic design over hiring a local part-time graphic designer, Kaycee saved over $18,000.


Zabota's intervention not only elevated the branding of Kaycee's businesses but also resulted in significant cost savings. If you're facing similar challenges and aspire to achieve comparable results, book a call with us today and embark on your journey to success, just like Kaycee did.