How AKInfinite
Saved Over $121,000 with Hiring Remote Talent


Meet Lexi Kaz, the founder of AKInfinite, a thriving PR agency based in Los Angeles. While scaling her company Lexi explored the potential of remote talent.

The Challenge:

Lexi was in need of an operations assistant who could efficiently handle tasks without breaking the bank. Additionally, she aimed to build a sales team to boost her company's revenue without taking on massive amounts of overhead as a traditional team would require.

The Solution:

Process Streamlining: Zabota worked with Lexi to streamline existing operational & sales processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity within the existing company.

Talent Acquisition: Zabota successfully hired an operations assistant and two skilled sales representatives who were poised to generate leads and revenue for AKInfinite.


Revenue Surge: AKInfinite experienced a 150% increase in revenue within the first month of working with the new team.

Cost Savings: By opting for global talent over hiring locally in Los Angeles, AKInfinite saved over $121,000.

Lexi Kaz praised Zabota's impact, saying, "They took away the headache of hiring. They were very on top of communication. They underpromise and over delivered."


Zabota's intervention not only transformed AKInfinite's operations but also led to substantial cost savings and rapid revenue growth. If you would like to hire premium european talent for your business without breaking the bank, book a call with us today.