Life Coach Saves Over $31,000


Meet Tina, the dedicated owner of a New York-based coaching company. Tina was tired of all the tasks that kept adding up when it came to maintaining her social media presence.

The Challenge:

Tina found herself trapped in the daily grind of managing social media and graphic creation for her coaching company. She urgently needed a skilled social media manager who could effectively convey her brand's voice without straining her budget.

The Solution:

Rapid Talent Acquisition: In less than a week, Zabota located, interviewed, vetted, and placed a highly trained social media manager who perfectly aligned with Tina's brand.


Effortless Social Media Management: Tina now dedicates zero time to social media tasks, as her team member efficiently manages all aspects.

Significant Cost Savings: By choosing global talent for social media management over hiring locally in New York, Tina saved over $31,000.


Tina expressed her gratitude, saying, "He is someone who wants to see entrepreneurs grow. He (Ben, the Founder of Zabota) is more like a business partner than just a service provider."


Zabota's intervention not only led to substantial cost savings and rapid social media engagement. If you would like to hire premium european talent for your business without breaking the bank, book a call with us today.