Anevo Marketing Saved Over $40,000 and Streamlined Operations


Meet Matthew Lucero, the driven founder of Anevo Marketing, a leading lead generation company with an impressive track record of delivering impactful results. Despite their remarkable success, Matthew faced a formidable challenge.

The Challenge:

Matthew found himself at a breaking point with his current systems. Frustration had reached a boiling point, and he was ready to overhaul everything. He recognized the need to hire additional talent but was adamant about not overpaying for local resources or compromising quality by hiring from traditional outsourcing hubs.

The Solution:

Rapid Procedure Documentation: In less than two weeks, Zabota meticulously documented Anevo Marketing's existing procedures, providing clarity and structure.

Talent Acquisition: Zabota expedited the process by promptly sourcing and hiring a competent salesperson who was a perfect fit for the company.


Streamlined Processes: Existing processes were thoroughly documented, offering efficiency and organization to Anevo Marketing's operations.

High-Quality Hire: Anevo Marketing welcomed a remarkably talented team member, enabling Matthew to focus on the growth of his company.

Cost Savings: By choosing global talent over local hires, Anevo Marketing saved over $40,000.

Matthew Lucero expressed his relief, saying, "Prior to working with Zabota, I was up to my neck in work. In less than two weeks, I had a person in place, trained, and ready to work. I would 100% recommend Ben for anyone looking for a highly trained hire who won't cost an arm and a leg."


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