Case Studies


How Sales Momentum Saved Over $45,000 with a Remote Executive Assistant

Meet our client, Aaron Platt, the founder of Sales Momentum, a HubSpot implementation/sales team consulting firm...

How Zabota Helped Stonerock Business Solutions Achieve a 250% Revenue Increase While Saving over $73,000

Meet Amanda, the founder and CEO of Stonerock Business Solutions, a successful grant writing company...

How Anevo Marketing Saved Over $40,000 and Streamlined Operations

Meet Matthew Lucero, the driven founder of Anevo Marketing, a leading lead generation company with an impressive track...

How LIFT Media Saved Over $40,000 When Hiring

Meet Alex Welch, the founder of LIFT Media, a prominent lead generation company known for delivering exceptional...

How AKInfinite Saved Over $121,000 By Hiring 4 Remote Workers

Meet Lexi Kaz, the founder of AKInfinite, a thriving PR agency based in Los Angeles. While scaling her company Lexi explored...

How Tina's Coaching Company Saved Over $31,000

Meet Tina, the dedicated owner of a New York-based coaching company. Tina was tired of all the tasks that kept adding up...

How Canvas Creek Team Building and Saved Over $20,000

Meet Karen, the owner of Canvas Creek Team Building based in Montana....

How Noah's Consulting Company Transformed and Saved Over $25,000

Meet Noah, the owner of an Atlanta-based consulting company...

How Duckweed Media Saved Over $22,000

Meet Joe Dejene, the determined owner of Duckweed Media, a paid traffic consulting agency. Joe faced a challenge when...

How Vrobel Digital Saved Over $80,000

Meet Aidan, the dedicated owner of a Lead Generation Agency. Aidan faced a significant challenge that was...

How Pleiades Consultancy Saved Over $67,000

Meet Matt Johnson, the owner of Pleiades Consultancy....

How Kaycee's Businesses Saved Over $18,000

Meet Kaycee, a serial entrepreneur based in Montana, who manages both an early childhood development company and...

How Inflowify Saved Over $50,000

Jake Romero from Inflowify hired a sales associate through Zabota. Click to learn more about his experience

How Well Copy Saved Over $63,000

Max S. the founder of Well Copy hired an email designer through Zabota. Click to watch the video about his experience.

How a Leading Digital Health Platform Saved $53,000

Confronted with the need to bolster their team with specialized expertise, a leading health platform hired Zabota

How a Tech Company Saved Over $300,000 with A Remote Sales Team

Our client is a company that has been on the INC 5000's list of fastest-growing companies for two consecutive years. We recently helped them implement a sales team that saved them a whopping $300k annually.